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Become a first responder.

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A partnership between Save the Storks and the American Association of Christian Counselors

The Start Course will equip you with the necessary skills to be a first responder for someone in an unplanned pregnancy. These valuable courses are designed to give students the essential knowledge that they need, without being overwhelmed with unnecessary information. Each course can be taken separately, either as an individual or as a small group.

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  • 19 videos
  • Averaging 8 minutes each


  • Pro-life apologetics and worldview
  • Causes of abortion and responses for life
  • Communication skills and strategies
  • Interactive workbook
  • Discussion questions and exercises for groups
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Trauma-Informed Care for Unplanned Pregnancy

  • 20 videos
  • Averaging 9 minutes each


  • Understanding trauma and its impact
  • Basics of trauma-informed care
  • Understanding and helping with trauma related to unplanned pregnancy
  • Creating a trauma-informed church community

Advantages to the Start Course Model

  • The short, impactful style of the videos helps create natural pauses to reflect, and keeps attention more effectively than longer videos.
  • Can be taken as an individual or with a group
  • Workbook interactivity increases content retention, and acts as an effective reference tool for the future.


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“It’s been a blessing working with Save the Storks so far. They have been informative, responsive, and encouraging. Their passion for this mission is evident!” 

-Pastor Mike Milian, Wildwood Calvary Chapel 

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“In a world that’s so easy to be known for what you’re against, Save the Storks has given us a better way. We can be known for what we’re for, not what we’re against! We can proclaim the solution and offer real support to abortion-vulnerable women who need to know that they’re not alone.”

-Pastor Marcus Mecum

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“May God continue to bless Save the Storks and all they are doing to preserve a generation God has chosen for great things”

-Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Free Chapel  

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“One of the things that high school and college students are convinced of when it comes to the pro-life movement is that it’s about fighting against people. But the truth is, with a group like Save the Storks, you are fighting for people. You are fighting for the moms, you’re fighting for the children…you’re truly even fighting for the people who would disagree with us when it comes to the value of life.”

-Fr. Mike Schmitz

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“It is a treasure to endorse this organization and be a part of it.”

-Dr. James Dobson 

“Thank you very much for the free course! I was able to log in easily. I listened to the videos by myself over 3 days.  They are all very nicely done, clear, concise, and logical. I find them very helpful and agree that it’s like first aid! Now I feel more prepared to go and volunteer at any pregnancy center.”


“Cove Run Church is very appreciative for the free online training we have received from Save The Storks. In the middle of that training process, we had a mother wanting to abort her baby. We were able to implement some of this training to help the mother. With much love and prayer she decided to keep her baby.”

-Tiffany, Associate Pastor, Cove Run Church

“A few months ago, my heart was broken when I asked my 14-year-old daughter to attend a March for Life rally with me. She informed me that she was “pro-choice”. I shamefully realized that I had neglected to teach her about this topic due to its horrific nature. I wanted to protect her, but ended up neglecting the important influence God gave me as her parent and instead let the influences of her school and friends guide her. As the two of us discussed the topic, it became clear she had a very limited understanding. I began looking for resources to help her understand the truth. I asked friends, family, church leaders, pro-life organizations and was not able to find a resource that would resonate with her. That is UNTIL, I came across the Save the Storks Start Course. She reluctantly agreed to do the course with me. The shorter clips allowed us to complete the course over a few weeks and kept her engaged. It was hard for both of us to face the brutal realities, but Save the Storks presents the message with grace and love. Shortly after we completed the course and lots of praying on my part, my daughter told me she was no longer pro-choice and that she felt she now understands this topic. Thank you Save the Storks!”


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